Leave Your Business in Safe Hands Whilst Travelling

When you have a business that you work tirelessly and with dedication at, but need a travel break or are required to travel as a part of your work, you want to ensure that your business is in safe and running order whilst you are away. This is mostly to do with the competency and trustworthiness of your employees, but also importantly the effectiveness of the project management systems in place. Being away from you business, you want to ensure that information is at your fingertips and communication is streamlined so you can resolve any issues, luckily in this day and age there are multiple systems you can build into your website design for remote working capability.

Whilst you are away traveling, the safety of your business is a priority. Safety is always an important aspect with your business, preventing accidents and ensuring your employees are protected from harm and it’s crucial that business owners understand the importance of investment in safety. There are many reasons why safety is important as your staff have families to go back to, you must ensure that safety equipment and guards are always available and that appropriate reporting procedures are in place should an incident occur. A proficient safety management system in place will ensure you have peace of mind whist travelling, that your staff will be able to record and communicate any concerns to you directly so action can be taken.

No matter the size of your business, worker productivity shouldn’t be your first priority, managing safety is at the utmost importance, both for legal and moral reasons. With your absence whilst travelling you want to safeguard your business from safety threats, not just trips and accidents but also burglaries, break-ins, fire hazards, and other health risks. Verify that all electric equipment is tagged, smoke alarms are installed, security systems are in place, insurance is paid and health hazards such as mould are removed. A safety management system should record this information and prompt regular check-ups are crucial times. Aim to foster a safe work atmosphere where staff look out for each-other and raise any concerns to you whilst you are away travelling.

As an owner/manager of a business, your duties to promote safety and project monitoring include:

  • Initiating and executing safe work procedures in accordance with guidelines such as Work Safe Victoria
  • Following up and monitoring of progression of projects
  • Training your staff to follow safe work strategies
  • Make sure safe equipment and machinery is used
  • Follow up and act upon injury and incident reports
  • Provide safety gear to staff such as high vis clothing, appropriate footwear and sun protective gear
  • Have active workers insurance and compensation as well as a back to work program for those who are injured
  • Raise concerns at staff meetings and encourage safe behaviour
  • Keep track of projects and procedures via a professional management system
  • Ensure your employees practice good housekeeping habits and to not take any shortcuts

Traveling and being away from your business can be a daunting thought, but with proper management systems in place and a trusty web agency by your side to help with any online issues, you can be assured that your staff and business will be protected from harm and that you will be on top of all the happenings of your business no matter where you are in the world.

Perth, Australia’s New Coolest Destination

Perth is traditionally known for its beautiful limitless beaches and top class wineries, but the expanding hotel and food sector are now a real attraction. In the last year, two brand new resorts Aloft Perth and Tribe Hotel emerged, adding to the well-known and world-renowned COMO and The Treasury. Not forgetting about Crown Towers, the town is not full of a riveting selection of resorts that are designed by the most talented Perth interior designers.

On the food landscape, trendy fresh joints and old faves are attracting diners. “WA has plenty of wonderful produce,” says Celebrity chef Tobie Puttock. This really shows in the food served, extremely fresh and flavoursome. Enjoy your meal with a local Perth wine and savour the experience. Perth feels different to other Australian cities, it has a distinct feel that is just more relaxed and exclusive. Perth is now an exciting destination for both international and domestic travellers, due to the fantastic selection of dining and resorts. Below are the standouts of what Perth has to offer:

Tribe: Located in West Perth is the Tribe, Australia’s earliest integrated modular design resort. It prides in 126 fully furnished rooms topped with coastal home decor and focusses on delivering guests a differentiated resort encounter including super-comfortable rooms and integrated free-flowing shared areas. The designers of tribe redefine communal spaces and created a space that exciting and mysterious yet inviting.

The Alex Hotel: dynamic and fashionable, the Alex Hotel is situated right in the middle of the chaos of the cultural hub. The bedrooms are compact but well-equipped to make up for it. Custom made beds, luxurious Italian sheets, Turkish cotton towels and coastal beach furniture adds a special touch. The exterior is modern and lavish, and the communal areas are for interaction and living. An ultra-sleek roof-top bar provides the cocktails and environment perfect for a carefree individual that appreciates some luxury.

Gordon Street Garage: The pinnacle of all-day restaurants in Perth, Gordon Street Garage is an authentic favourite perfect for meet ups. A wine-bar, micro-roaster and bread specialist all in one, it is the city’s best all day food destination. Enjoy coffee and breakfast in the morning and return in the evening for wine and comfort food. Try the signature wood-fired pizzas, feed the crew with share dishes and sip on seasonal influenced cocktails at the interesting setting- a former garage with a garden.

The Richardson Hotel and Spa: a best-loved choice for celebrities whenever they stop-over in Perth. Modern and alluring, it is located right in the centre of town, near superb Kings Park and a selection of chic restaurants in Subiaco. The marble floors and interior exude luxury and you won’t be able to resist treating yourself to a facial and relaxing in the sauna. The daily breakfast and lunch will energise you to explore the surroundings that Pert has to offer.

Ku De Tah: Enjoy the picturesque views of the Swan River from The Deck dining area, dine in opulence at the West and KU Dining areas. The interior is distinct and remarkable, it is as if all great interior designers Perth boasts have come together to create this magnificent space. Observe the sunset and soak in the atmosphere as you eat fresh oysters and lacquered duck. This is a must go, there is no other experience quite like dining at a bespoke table and enjoying the finest produce Perth has to offer.