Why You Need To Be In the US for the BIG3

I am a huge basketball freak but, I am very excited. But, just in case you aren’t sold on it, here are a couple of highlights of the league that make it different from the rest, and are why you need to get on a plane to witness history in the making at the Big 3 game in Brooklyn this July.Ice Cube’s 30 plus, 3 on 3 basketball league is the reason why you need to be in the US, and more importantly, in Brooklyn on the 25th of June. The league is gaining more and more exposure as we creep closer to the launch date. We’ve seen the birth of other sporting leagues but none with the hype and excitement of the Big 3. The league is set to be a lasting one due to the way it was developed from game play down to players.Why You Need To Be In the US for the BIG3

Allen Iverson and Other Stars

No new professional sports league can make it through without talented and/or marketable players, and The Big 3 has exactly that. The league has already secured some enormous players for the game. The recently inducted Hall of Famer Allen Iverson will work as a both a coach and player for the 3’s Company, which is one of the teams set to play in the Big3 inaugural season.

The league will also consist as stars such as the likes of Chauncey Billups, Kenyon Martin and Jermaine O’Neal who are set to dust off the basketball shorts for one last hurrah as players in the Big 3. Julius Erving and Charles Oakley will be coaching in the league as well. Just those stars alone should be enough to entice basketball fans to the opening game in Brooklyn.

The Four-Point Circle

The BIG3 could have just opted for the standard basketball guidelines, but that wouldn’t be fun. The league doesn’t want to be the NBA, and it’s not trying to. This is a good idea and one of the main factors that could help the league stick around for longer than one season. There have been rumours about the NBA potentially adding a 4-point shot to the game, but there is no word on if and when that will ever take place.

Positioning the 4-point circle on the BIG3 court provides intrigue and excitement to both the competitors and the players.

No Foul

If you’ve ever played in a 3 on 3 competitions or leagues, then you would know that things can get physical. Due to the fact that BIG3 leadership speakers outlined the guidelines of the game, and there are no foul outs, we might potentially see some spirited play and the kind of isolation basketball that we do not get to see as much in the NBA anymore.


The hype instantly followed with The BIG3 when its TV deal with Fox Sports was revealed on Tuesday by a conference speaker for the network. The league will transmit video games on Monday nights and Fox will air the championship game live. Coverage of the game begins on June 26 with the national championship arranged for August 26.

Getting a primetime slot on a significant network equates to immediate legitimacy and direct exposure for the league. Fox is mainly overlooked of the professional basketball market; however this gets them in it in an intriguing and innovative way that says Fox all over it.

Nearly Unlimited Income Options

The Fox offer could be simply the starting for the Big3, and don’t expect to see business partnerships to develop overnight, but it makes sense that basketball jersey sales, sneaker releases sponsored by a few of the stars and even computer games based on the league could become a reality in the not so distant future.

So long as the league doesn’t have any significant bad moves in the early days, The Big3 has a fantastic possibility to be a long lasting and effective league. Make sure you don’t miss out on this once in a life time opportunity to make it to the first game of the league, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of sporting history, and it’s sure to be a story for the grandkids!